Tall Photos

Well, this did not turn out as planned…

So, panoramic photos are not easy!

For my Social media module, I am tasked with the challenge of Daily Creates to help encourage creativity on a daily basis. I picked out one of these tasks for this blog post.

For this daily create I decided to try out Tall Photos. So I grabbed my phone. Opened the camera and swiped to Pano and attempted to take a tall photo in class. The result was… disastrous but hilarious.

I realise now that you have to move slowly and try very hard to stay within the guideline otherwise the edges get distorted. Yes this can be cropped out but it’d be better to get the technique right first, right?

And now for the practice photos, prepare to laugh! I know you’ve been waiting for this!

In hindsight, I should probably have used a different location so my tutor wouldn’t walk through the photo and become a faded ghost.

However when I was out late one night and saw the Ferris Wheel I decided this would make a nice subject for a long photo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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