The Opera of the Phantom

Musicals are fun, they can be tragic, romantic, empowering. I decided I wanted to reverse the order of my favourite musical and see how it would sound.

Here is

The Opera of the Phantom!

The reversed Phantom of the Opera, my all time favourite. I think the dynamic and power of the story is still felt but in reverse order it is quite confusing. This was fun to make and to do this I downloaded all the songs and put them into Adobe Audition to reverse them. Some of the songs are cut down due to length.

I then moved the multitrack into premiere and added a legacy title card so I could embed the audio as a video on here to share. I think I could have done this much better but it was still fun to try even if it was a tad tedious towards the end.


The Darkness

Horror films are my favourite. The way they can grip the audience. Leave them on the edge of their seats, nervous with anticipation of the next jump scare. It’s wonderful and some of my favourites are therefore the focus of this post.

I decided to take two well known horror films and mashup the posters.

The films I chose were Insidious and The Conjuring.


To mash these together I used Photoshop and after playing with opacity brought in the nun and placed her over the shadow figure on the Insidious poster

mashup edit photo final

The opacity was hard to get right as I wanted the effect to be subtle but also to stand out. I thought this project was quite fun to create and although I’m not overly fond of using Photoshop I quite like how this turned out.


Room Goals for sure

Pinterest┬áis a wonderful platform. Full of inspiration and tips and tricks. For this post I decided to look at things I’d like to have in my room and try and create a sort of Pinterest mood board of images for the things that inspire my inner interior designer.


I really like the look of plain bright walls with simple monochrome colour schemes but with pops of colours. These images sum up my style inspiration for my future room goals. I especially love the colour of the record player and I think having retro technology brings a relaxed and happy atmosphere to a room and would be a place to relax after a long day.

Motivation is a myth

Motivation is a MYTH.

Does motivation really exist? Think about it. How do you get motivated?

You realise you have no choice so you have to get it done. So you do it. That’s not motivation. That’s compulsion.

You want to change your life but only because others make you feel bad about the way you live so you want to change it. That’s comparison and a need to be better than others.

In this blog post I created some backwards motivational posters. There are so many of these types of photos and posters that we are so used to them and don’t actually take it in or listen.

So, I created the backwards versions so people would notice and actually react to it. Its a bitter sweet contrast with the lovely happy photo and the depressive text. Here are some examples I put together using the Photoshop Express app on my phone.