~ The Beginning ~

This is my beginning…

So this is the beginning, the beginning of another new blog of mine. This time though I feel different about blogs. After having studied social media for a year and tried blogging I have discovered a lot and I am determined to make this blog work.

I know of a few bloggers but all say they love the feeling of siting down to write out their thoughts and feelings. They like being able to open up and just get what they think out there. I think blogging is wonderful for this and can really showcase the mind of an individual and their own personal creative style.

Blogging isn’t just about sitting down and rambling about feelings although some blog posts do just that. Many have themes and thought out structure and media such as photos to go along with the content of their mind. This makes it so much more interactive and personal and allows a following to build up as a persons’ story is laid out for them in such a fun accessible way. In essence its like a bullet journal but for everyone to see.

So, this is my beginning. This is me creating a new blog partly as it is for my coursework but also for me. To get comfortable sharing my work and being creative in front of an audience. To discover new things and learn more about myself and the way I actually learn.

If this sounds somewhat intriguing then by all means keep checking back and see my progress as I become a blogger with media on my mind!

So lets create a spark and set my passion for media and learning alight!



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