A Uni Vlog!

A Uni Vlog, how exciting right?

So as I watch a lot of YouTube videos and have made vlogs before I decided to follow a sort of format of videos I’ve seen before.

I decided to do a vlog in the style of a Follow me around which is a popular Youtube Tag and category of vlog that shows the audience the typical day in the vloggers life. This type of video is more personal and appeals to the curiosity we all have about the way others live their lives.

My favourite example is this video here:

Vlog: A Day In My Life//Follow Me Around

Sometimes we watch these types of videos to motivate us or inspire us to be better organised or explore more.  I combined this style of vlog with another typical and popular video tag which is the  what I eat in a day style. I also like to watch these as it gives me ideas for meals and inspires me to try new things as well as curiosity into what other people actually eat and how they prepare their food.

Some vlogs of this nature feature meal prep which I very useful and good to see in practice in other people’s busy lies which makes it easier to figure out how to incorporate it into my own life if I can.

As I already am a vlogger the idea of making one for a blog post was quite exiting so I decided one morning when the weather was suitable to show my day at University.

I used my cameras front facing camera to chat with the audience and make the vlog more personal and friendly.

In the edit I decided to use some transitions to make the vlog flow smoothly. I added music which was the Modern  soundtrack on the IMovie app on my phone as this added a fun light soundtrack to my day and reflected how my day went.



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